Since 2000, many private schools opened in order to supply the population needs for a better education, due to the low standard of public education facilities. This provoked a high competition among private schools, to attract the public with better services, so the managers of these institutions started to search for alternative ways to get past the lack of extracurricular activities (that is something that attract clients), by making partnerships and improving their services.  And nowadays, rising a brand’s value means more competitive power, and, of course, more customers.Because of this, more and more schools started making partnerships with gyms, sports consultants, language schools and many other institutions, to make their brand gather more clients. With this, they found a way to offer a broader range of services and to reduce costs (and time) with employees, recruitment, taxes and quality control.This practice is constantly growing, because it makes possible for the schools to focus on their main activities, that usually aren’t related with extracurricular courses. Another problem is that many schools don’t have the proper space for some kind of sports, for example. So, with the correct partner, they would be able to offer a better quality service.Partnerships like that may help in many ways, like adequating the school area for the practice of some sports and other activities, by providing professionals, resources and materials, implementing work systems and many educational projects , everything on the path for a better life style. To make all this possible, the ARC Sports was born!Mission:Make active children become accomplished adults.View:Through our methodology, to promote a quality sports initiation for 2000 active children by the year 2021.Values:Love the children, respect, commitment, professional ethics, sense of ownership.


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