Metodologia ARC Sports

                Knowing that a good life quality is one of the most valuable things nowadays, the search for some extra activities to improve and be healthier became intense, especially on big cities, and if the client can have all of this only by walking a short distance to reach a space that’s well known and trusted, there a much higher chance of ingressing on membership programs. So the fact that it all happens within the school grounds, a place well known by the students and their parents, means a greater adhesion to the program, making the school environment stronger.An important point for us to discern is the different between extracurricular activities and recreation: Which of them is better for my child? What will he learn on each of them? What are the activities proposed by ARC Sports?Recreations are activities usually associated with leisure, fun and personal satisfaction, also known for having flexible rules, like spending the afternoon playing soccer with your friends. It doesn’t matter if you have a full team and uniforms; you’re doing it for the fun. Another example is games where there are no winners or losers.Extracurricular activities are classes, lessons, workshops and other things that in someway improve and teach abilities considered important for the child’s social, professional and school life.Despite also being delightful, they develop important aspects such as responsibility, discipline and teamwork, in addiction to sports and artistic skills.Through this material, the ARC Sports came up with our own methodology, essential on the growing process of free-thinking individuals that are constantly changing: our kids.


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